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When I Am Free – by Paula Camacho

Posted on Jun 17, 2017 by in June 2017 | 9 comments

When I am free of this body
I will travel from the scene of the accident
to my home where cake crumbs
sprawled across a table are beautiful
and the philodendron leaves shine hello.

Light and luminous, I will ascend
to see the glorious earth
Carl Sagan mentions in Cosmos
where rulers become
the “momentary masters of a fraction of a blue dot.”

I will linger there as time transmutes into smoke,
cradle space in my arms.
Passing Jupiter, where three earths can fit
in its giant red storm, will produce perspective.

I will say unheard goodbyes to love ones
see the sun become a small candle
until the whole solar system
seems but a dot where I once lived.


  1. A wonderful poem!

  2. Wonderful poem Puts things in perspective. (I’ve had recurring dreams of these kinds of images)

  3. Very good!!!!!

  4. Paula, this superb. Wonderful imagery. I love the tone, also!

  5. Love the cake crumbs image and the beautiful surrender imagined in here…talented poet

  6. Beautiful poem

  7. When I Am Free, is a touching and beautiful poem

  8. VERY GOOD PAULA ! ! 🙂

  9. May we all find our journey to the hearafter as wondrous and beautiful as you have described.

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