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Turkey and Swiss – by Will Walker

Posted on Jun 17, 2017 by in June 2017 |

Before the meeting starts,
we are offered a moment of silence,
“to do with as you wish.”
I find I’m squeezing mustard
on my turkey and swiss on whole wheat,

and I continue, happy to watch
the little line of Grey Poupon
squirt on my yellowed slice of swiss.

Look how it oozes so silently
and lies down so still, plenty of mustard,
the extra packet I requested.

Anything is art, I guess, anything
is a prayer if it’s wrapped in silence
and highlighted as its own moment,
the thing you do with intention
while noticing you’re doing it,
the line you draw in the sand
that says Bless this ordinary breath.

Bliss: Whoever thought it could be
this simple, mustard on a slice of cheese
before you fit the half-slice
of soggy whole wheat back on top
and take the first bite.

Is that why the spirits hover,
to tell us how we live is holy?
No wonder the church stole communion
and dressed it up in brocade, silver and gold,
then bathed it in candlelight.

– Will Walker

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