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To a Hummingbird – by Diane Frank

Posted on Jun 17, 2017 by in The Originals |

Hummingbirds sip passion flowers
in a world lit with beauty,
green iridescent light shimmering
around their soft feathers
in the morning’s first light.
The ancestors have descended to bone,
but their spirit sparkles in the world
of flying stars.   A promise
inside the light of the petals
of a yellow rose.

Come to the place
where the ocean crashes against the night
after traveling thousands of miles
in a world of dream.
Listen to the visions that whisper
inside the ripple of morning,
passion flowering inside the cadence
of every warbling songbird.

The spirit of the wise ones
who have walked this planet for millions of years
awaken in every flower,
calling your name to listen
to the song you remember
where memory whispers
and shimmers in the light.
Wake up now, singing inside
each moment of beauty.

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