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The Trouble with Happiness – by Laurie Kuntz

Posted on Sep 2, 2017 by in October 2017 |

In Hawaii, on a family vacation,
one of those days
we let you eat anything,
we drove to “Mustard’s Last Stand”
serving 47 varieties of hot dogs.
On a day when
the waves were calm enough.
and I wasn’t worried, and let you go
further out than I ever have,
and the sun block did not sting your eyes,
and the rented car had a radio station
that played 60’s songs without commercials,
and the DJ repeated the titles after each song,
and we ate French fries at three different rest stops,
knowing that this could be enough, forever--
but, for no reason, you started to cry,
then whispered, I’m just so happy,
At six, you knew
                                all this would become a shadowed memory
retold by three different people,
and I would argue with dad whether the hot dog stand
really had 47 varieties, and whether
the DJ played commercials between the rock and roll,

                                                 Every detail now askew,
You knew then,
on one of those days,
these infinite moments of our lives,
held in the pockets of your tears,
would never last.
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