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The Leading Lady Who Accepted the Role of an Extra in My Life’s Story – by Chris Wood

Posted on Sep 2, 2017 by in September 2017 |

Dark brown beans fall into the bowl of a classic hand-churn coffee grinder.
Aged fingers wrap around the wooden knob as
they have for the last forty-five years.
Sounds of grinding drift to the master bedroom,
my childhood alarm clock waking long ago memories.

Retro'd back, visions of pink shag carpet, Duran Duran posters, and powder blue pom-poms
project on my closed eyelids like a home movie.
Family game nights, catching fireflies in the back yard, and
homework at the kitchen table play over and over in my mind.
I know she is there, always seeing her in the peripherals
like an extra in the motion picture of my life's story.

An arm curls my waist,
pulling me out of the past.
Warm weight spoons my back.
His breath, blowing wisps of hair against my cheek,
mellows my reminiscent binge.

Percolating aroma drags me from my cozy cocoon,
into rubber bottom slippers,
down the hallway,
to the kitchen.

Our eyes meet, she smiles.
I try to connect, whispering good morning.
She hands me my favorite mug filled with steaming rich mocha and
turns away.

She sits on the couch with her hot cup of tea,
watching our German shepherd puppy
wrestle with our fawn colored boxer.

I lean against the archway
staring at her.
Only a few feet away
yet a thousand miles from my heart.

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