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The Gospel Truth – by Will Walker

Posted on Sep 2, 2017 by in September 2017 |

I walked on water as a child.
God, I was tired.

Jesus spoke to me and said Kid,
you’re stealing my gig.

What shocked me was
He was smoking a cigarette.

I think it was a cigarette.

Years later, still tired, I asked myself,
Jesus smokes reefer?

Anyway, when He cornered me
that day by the school yard
I said Sorry Mister.

And I meant it.

So I quit walking of water
and discovered baseball.

Years later, I’m still tired.

Every now and then I wonder
where Jesus gets his reefer.

But no, I wouldn’t want
to see Him busted.

He does great work, keeping kids
like me out of trouble.

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