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Suzanne’s Garden – by Will Walker

Posted on Jul 3, 2017 by in August 2017 |

After dinner they walked into the garden.
They sat among the ghosts, so many,

as twilight settled on the arbor.
Silence blossomed. Sadness opened

like a bright anemone in his heart,
a sweet sorrow, the knowledge of so many stories

unfolding in the dark. Where to start,
except to describe the fragrance,

so many lovers, parents, neighbors,
lifelong friends, a cavalcade, a muted musical review.

Voices without words, recollections of essence,
a white dress, a smokey voice, so many moments

of laughter, such a long separation. But the dead
were with them now, so many friendly presences,

hovering, almost close enough to touch.
They talked over the silence while it hummed,

a subtle harmony, the language of the flowers, stirring
in the gathering dark. In the silence, they blessed them all..

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