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Stained Glass Promises – by Lynn Cohen

Posted on Jul 2, 2017 by in July 2017 |

The years are mixed together
in stained glass champagne flutes.
They shatter and fragment
like a bombed marble obelisk
in a Paris church
circa 1940.
Held together by golden threads
these goblets
mirror Paris in the millennium
the city of lights
year-long fireworks
churning Ferris wheels
and flashing towers.
I remember the Sorbonne,
the Rive Gauche so long ago.
For where are the bouquinistes?
And the pigeons of a quarter century past?
Lost with my parents
in the holocaust that is time
like the dusty remnants of a photograph album
now silent people staring from its pages.
Yes, perhaps London is better
with its perpetual fog.
Continuity is kinder
than stained glass promises


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