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September 2017

Posted on Sep 2, 2017 by in September 2017 |

This month’s theme is “In a child’s eye.” We don’t know how many submissions we will get for such a specialized topic. But perhaps some writers will take it on as a project, teasing out and then documenting childhood memories and moments

Hope so!

End of Month comment:

I doubted that we would get 30 works for the 30 days of September, but we did, thanks to the following wordsmiths:

  • Laurie Kuntz
  • Will Walker
  • Suzanne Dudley
  • Ken Pobo
  • Edmund Miller
  • Bill Graeser
  • Brynne Sissom
  • Diane Frank
  • Chris Wood
  • Rolf Erickson
  • Rustin Larson
  • Caroll Cohen
  • Sharon Anderson
  • Paul Fisher
  • Lynn Carol Cohen
  • Paul Stokstad

Thanks all!

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