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Riegersburg Castle – by Scott Caputo

Posted on Jul 4, 2017 by in August 2017 |

Ich nicht verstehen.
Why is it closed today?
The sign says it should be open.

I walk past my car toward the road,
an illuminated tunnel
of leaf and shadow.

Up to the field edge,
shards of soil twist up,
broke open to hold the future.

Beyond the stone fortress,
a patchwork of hills,
parts cultivated, parts wild,

my wife and sons far away
tucked inside a small house,
a sandbox and garden in the back,
lawns brown from drought.

My wife has been in our castle alone,
looking out, seeing everything
but not finding me.

Where have I gone?
My office has shelves of boxes
crammed with every bit

of dust from every dream
I had before I met her.
I just need to finish this last one.

In one box are cradled the intricate
draftings of an inventor
lines carrying words carrying thought.

Easy to spend hours
lost in a room full of papers.
Somewhere there must be a path out.

Always one paper is missing.
That was a good idea.
Where did it go?

The children pile in around me—
Don’t touch that.
Their eyes dance and discover,
hands grab and poke.

My wife comes from behind with a hug.
Come to bed. It is late.
I hear her voice

across the farms:
Take a picture of the castle.
The boys will love it.

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