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Observations by a four year old – by Sharon Anderson

Posted on Sep 1, 2017 by in September 2017 |

Puddles are for jumping into.
Puddles on the lawn
are better than puddles
in the driveway, because
lawn puddles produce mud.

Legos are for building things.
Legos are for wasting hours
of a day, and trying Mom’s patience
looking for the very tiny blue square
that I need to complete what I’ve built.
No other piece will do.

Cereal is good for you, and
really good for spoon splashing.
Toast is better after it’s been dropped
butter side down on your new pants.
Milk is only good if it contains
chocolate or strawberry syrup.

Clean up time is a part of the day
the length of which varies in direct proportion
to what is for dinner, and do I like it.
Bath time is almost as good as puddles.
I like to pretend the tub is a water slide,
but then Mom makes her mad face.

Bedtime can be delayed
by industrious tooth brushing.
No one ever says “hurry up”
during tooth brushing.
It is also good because
you get to spit, and it’s okay.

Bedtime is for reading.
Bedtime is for reading forever
or until I fall asleep, whichever comes first.
Sometimes Mom or Dad try to skip a page,
but I know the stories by heart.
It is also a great time to cuddle up
and hug my stuffed giraffe.
Even though I am almost five,
at bedtime, I can get away with it.

Seems to me, once you know the basics
being a kid is pretty easy.

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