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No nonsense – By Ken Pobo

Posted on Jul 7, 2017 by in August 2017 |

Wandawoowoo’s mom often told her:
I’ll have no nonsense from you.

Wandawoowoo tried to follow orders,
so many orders. Her parents
left written commands in the bathroom.
She tried to cut out
the nonsense– it washed over her
like waves off Cape May. The more stern
mom got, the more Wandawoowoo busted

out with ear-jangling guffaws,
high-pitched—making cookie tins tremble.
Nonsense made her a picnic lunch
with lemon meringue pie. Mom shook
her head and said When you’re
older you’ll learn, you’ll learn.

Nonsense taught Wandawoowoo well.
She passes those lessons on
to those in need, most everyone,
in color coordinated office clothing,
standing prim in a bank line,
an unboxed cackle, an unbridled dance.

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