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How Einstein Died – by Laurie Kuntz

Posted on Sep 2, 2017 by in September 2017 |

That’s what my son wanted to know, at six,
in a voice recently harvested for knowledge,
he pressed for reasons, so we reeled
through Einstein’s silent childhood,
through a plethora of equations and exiles
then we found it– a burst aorta,
“Something to do with the heart,”
Lost in details and awe, a day that beckoned
worlds to burgeon, we eased into amazement.
Walking home from the library we passed a video arcade,
in the worth of a coin my son was swept by Dragon Ball Z—
the notion of an exploding heart could not equal the punch
of a gladiator or calm my son’s tantrum when one quarter
was all that was allowed— magic is in equations,
real drama, in the daily rage that jolts
us back to the mundane, how easy to succumb to brawn,
to bury your face in clenched fists, knowing the heart
can burst in awe and in anger.

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