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Giving Up – by Will Walker

Posted on Oct 1, 2017 by in October 2017 |

So easy. Invite silence,
one minute at a time.
Refuse to think about
the consequences.

Note the short list
of those who gave up
with such enthusiasm
the world has never heard
of them. Such underachievers
none in their ranks
has ever bothered
to write a list. But you
can feel the ancestors smile,

recalling whole afternoons
of nothing, when history
stumbled on and someone
wound the clocks to keep
them chiming and the church bells
tolled solemn and on time,
remembering John Donne.

Boredom may set in, suggesting
there’s more to give up.
Let someone else fret about it.
Sometimes it seems certain
God sits back, enjoying
the day, and just shrugs.

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