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Arts and Crafts – by Suzanne Dudley

Posted on Sep 1, 2017 by in September 2017 |

I hold the two sticks
in an x-shape,
just the camp counselor
showed us. Left thumb knuckle
clamping the sticks
and anchoring the start of the yarn.

I choose the special yarn that goes from purple
to blue to red, orange, green, and yellow.
I wrap a loop around one stick, then turn
to wrap the next one, round and round in one direction.
Stretch the yarn to the next stick, loop, turn,
stretch, turn, loop. Turn, wrap. Turn, wrap.

I am careful not to overlap
or leave gaps.
Now the yarn does the work
to hold it all together,
and I watch the weave of rainbow
create a pattern. It looks fancy,
but it isn’t hard work, and it feels
like I am making magic:
a prayer with my hands.
When the yarn is done and I make a little knot
on the underside of the last stick,
I see the nestled colors staring back at me.

We’ve all been busy, the other campers and I.
We dangle our work—twirling like four pointed stars.
It feels calm,
and I know we have been making God
in this old sugar house in Vermont.

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