About this site

This site is a pro bono project by PaulStuf LLC. That means that every single dollar of any profits will go to some good cause. Right now we are planning for that to be the MIU Alumni Associatiion, but that is still being formulated. 

PaulStuf LLC has a number of sites, including

  • paulstuf.com
  • dinkitover.com
  • Iowacolors.com
  • sprock.et

The contents of the site and these designs are strictly our fault and we should be blamed for any offense taken.  But we’d like  to apologize in advance, just in case.

There is no connection between this site and the organizations responsible for the wonderful course of instruction in the Transcendental Meditation program.

To be enlightened on that topic, please go to tm.org. Accept no substitutes, because there really aren’t any.

We also make reference to MIU, the best school in the universe. See MIU.edu for details. Same conditions apply.

If you want items with an MIU logo on them, plus many other items of sustainable, doing good, high-integrity manufacture, check out the MIU Bookstore website

When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles at you

– Louis Armstrong