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How to submit your work

Please send all to me at

If you are sending photography, please send at 300 DPI

We do not at this time require a reading fee, but if you could contribute something it would help

Suggested amounts:

  • One poem – $5
  • two to five poems = $10
  • essay or fiction piece $10
  • any other contribution (flash fiction, prose poem, photo) – $5

Here’s the money page that explains our costs thus far

Here’s where you can support this effort with any amount

All the best,


PS – You retain all rights to your work, though by submitting it, we will assume that you are giving us permission to display it online

NOTE NUMBER ONE: please specify which month on the editorial calendar you are targeting (submitting to near-date issues is most likely to be successful)

NOTE NUMBER TWO: If your submission is selected, we may get back to you and ask you to submit an MP3 file so you can read your poem or story, if you will

NOTE NUMBER THREE: : If you want to pick the image to go with your submissions, please watch THIS VIDEO